Crystal Fields, The Sacred Funk Hemp Extract


Limited Edition Release (420 Bottles)

Batch # SC012622

Introducing, Crystal Fields, a funky new twist in our family of hemp extracts. This extract is made from organically raised hemp flowers that were grown in Oddville, KY by the Sacred Hemp Company. The field where these hemp flowers blossomed was gridded and blessed with crystals. Fully organic, hand planted, hand watered, hand fed 5-acre field of absolute hemp & dreams. The Sacred Hemp Company spent the whole summer walking the rows with love and intention to help serve our community.  This isn’t your average CBD Oil, this extract is super ripe and dripping with an abundance of flavors.

Hemp and cannabis flower lovers may recognize the aromas and flavor profile as dank and deliciously funky. The aromas found within its bouquet are pungent and ripe, for some awkward, but for others and connoisseurs – this extract presents itself as deliciously danky.

The first impression of the bouquet presents itself with heavy notes of sour mash, hops, and notes of sharp aged cheese. Secondary notes include earthy rich wood and citrus peels with a hint of sorghum. The flavor profile is even more complex and surprisingly much different from the bouquet. The herbal flavor profile consists of the following notes: Tangerine, Hops, Pine, Lemon, Pepper, Grass, Buckwheat, and Molasses.

This extract is completely legal, but it’s loaded with all the hempy goodness of cannabinoids and terpenes (see below for more details)  to offer a calm, relaxed, and soothing experience. Each 1mL dropper contains 140mg of Hemp-Derived CBD and 2.5mg of Hemp-Derived THC (≤ 0.3% ∆-9 THC).

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