Ancient Aromas® Canine Hemp Extract, Extra Large Dogs


Ancient Aromas® Canine Hemp Extract for dogs is a natural supplement derived from the hemp plant, containing beneficial cannabinoids like CBD. Our full-spectrum hemp extract may offer various potential benefits for dogs, including promoting relaxation, supporting joint health, and maintaining overall balance. Widely used for its potential calming properties, it is a popular choice among pet owners seeking a natural solution to help manage stress, anxiety, or discomfort in their furry companions. Hemp extract for dogs is a convenient way to promote wellness in a pet’s daily routine for a happy and healthy life.

Our suggested serving size for extra large dogs:

20mg (1mL) for dogs 60+ lbs.

1mL=1 Dropper Full / 30 Servings Per Bottle (1 oz.) or 60 Servings Per Bottle (2 oz.)

We recommend increasing or decreasing serving size as needed.

As always, consult your veterinarian before using any new supplements with your pets.

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