Ancient Aromas® Artisan Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Cherry Cordial


Introducing Ancient Aromas™ Artisan Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract. By combining our favorite Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract with Natural Flavors, our Artisans have crafted small batch oils offering the same great results while tickling the taste buds. From rich and robust to sweet and fruity, there’s a flavor for everyone! Our Artisan Hemp Extracts are currently available in 500mg/1 fl. oz. formulations. Feel free to share with us which flavors you favor, so we may expand our offerings to fit your needs. Whether you are looking to curb a sweet-tooth, grab a unique gift for that persnickety pal, or bring some flavor to your self-care regimen, our Artisan Hemp Extracts are the perfect go-to!

When opening a bottle of Cherry Cordial, memories of special times and holiday treats comes to mind. Intense sweet cherry aromas meet with subtle milk chocolate to bring a smile to any inner child. On the palate, the upfront flavor of Maraschino Cherry give way to mildly sweet milk chocolate. Go ahead, treat yourself!

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