Ancient Aromas® was founded in 2018 by three friends who were seeking a healthier, more natural
approach to their daily self-care regimen. Utilizing natural plant extracts and essential oils they created
natural body butters, bath bombs, shower melts, lotions and lip balms as a way to stay clear from
harmful and synthetic ingredients that are found in many self-care products.

The founders utilized their educational backgrounds and professional experience by integrating hemp
extracts into the product line. Ancient Aromas® strives to craft high quality therapeutic CBD products,
expand opportunities within the community, bring growth to agriculture, and offer healing to the mind,
body, and spirit.

Ancient Aromas® continues to expand the product line of hemp-infused products. Quickly becoming a
favorite of many, Ancient Aromas® products can be found in massage practices, chiropractic
offices, pharmacies, salons, spas and pet stores.

When we feel well, we do well. When we do well, we live well. When we live well, the world
is a better place.