About Us

About Us, Ancient Aromas®
Ancient Aromas® was founded in early 2018 while we were seeking a healthier, more natural approach to our daily self care regimens. Utilizing natural plant extracts and essential oils,  we began crafting natural body butters, bath bombs, shower melts, and lip balms as a way to steer clear from harmful and synthetic ingredients that are found in many body products today.
Shortly after, Horton, a Biologist, and Justin, a Licensed Massage Therapist combined their knowledge and talents with their passion for cannabis, integrating hemp extracts and further expanding the company. Thus, a new era of products were born. 
CannaMent® Body Butter and the original CannaRoller™ were the first Ancient Aromas® hemp-infused products to hit the market. By combining quality hemp extracts and essential plant oils, a new level of self care was obtained. 
CannaMent® was created to be used as a massage medium and quickly became a favorite of clients who wanted their own jar. Later, CannaMent® inspired a line of body lotions and massage oils. The original CannaRoller™ was developed for on-the-go relief of pain and tension with stress-reducing aromatherapy benefits.
Ancient Aromas® continues to expand their offerings of wellness products. Quickly becoming a favorite of many, our products can be found in massage practices, chiropractic and physical therapy offices, pharmacies, boutiques, salons, spas, and even pet centers. Our full line of products can also be conveniently purchased and shipped directly from our website.
As we continue on our journey of healing, we are so happy to hear about how our products are also changing the lives of others. We believe when we feel well, we do well. When we do well, we live well. When we live well, the world is a better place!